E-waste Recyling

Why do we need E-Waste Recycling in Melbourne?

As Australia's second largest city, the carbon footprint of Melbourne is extremely large. The Victorian government realised this and made it illegal to dump e-waste into our landfills. Under the e-waste policy, since 1 July 2019, Victoria prohibits the disposal of electronic or electrical equipment to landfill. This is broadly interpreted to mean anything with a cord, battery or plug. This includes things like a refrigerator, microwave and yes, your mobile phone. In Victoria alone, it is estimated that about 109,000 tonnes of e-waste were generated in 2015 and an expected 256,000 tonnes by 2035.

How can we help?

This leads to the question what can be done? E-waste recycling in Melbourne is the key to remove these toxic chemicals from our landfills. But it is not just about the toxic chemicals! In these products are valuable materials that can be reused instead of having to mine for more. Some of the materials we save are: tin, nickel, zinc, copper, silver, gold, and platinum. While the individual items have only a little of these substances, it adds up with the amount of products being recycled. Those metals can only be saved when specially treated and removed by professionals.

Who is impacted by the E-Waste Policy

The restrictions apply to any individual or organization that is involved in generating, collecting ,storing, handling, transporting or reprocessing of e-waste. This means nearly every individual or organization in Melbourne needs to be involved. So lets break it down a little more. Any organization that uses electrical or electronic equipment. fitness centers, admin offices, medical offices, restaurants and retail outlets of all kinds. There are very few businesses nowadays that don't have any electrical or electronic goods in the office that need to be replaced occasionally.

IT Collect, E-Waste Recycling in Melbourne

IT Collect, a local subsidiary of Shred On Site, was created to fill the community demand for responsible recycling of e-waste in Melbourne. As a company, we have always been on the cutting edge of recycling and helping our environment. As part of our commitment to provide environmental solutions for waste we are able to provide you with our IT Collect service. We will come out to your place of work and pick up all the e- waste you have and make sure it gets recycled properly. It's a win/win because you can sleep at night knowing that you have diverted potentially hazardous waste from landfill, helped the environment, and enabled finite resources to be reused where possible.

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Why Choose IT Collect?

We are an electronic waste (e-waste) collection service that specialises in collecting and securely disposing of your e-waste items in a secure and environmentally responsible manner.

  • No job to big or small.
  • We come to you and do all the heavy lifting.
  • We do it for you –if it's heavy, dirty – cobwebs or dust, difficult location - upstairs or downstairs no problem!
  • Chain of custody procedures in place.
  • 95%+ of components are recycled.
  • Components containing data eg. hard drives are shredded and components recycled.
  • Certificate of Destruction provided.